Sassafrass fanny pack

Clothes that think for themselves.

Synthesia believes in making wearable technology ubiquitous, accessible and cheap.
Long exposure LED trail

It's clothing. Really smart clothing.

Our clothing and accessories are made of light.

Long exposure LED fanny pack
Orion LED fur belt
Fur diffused LED array
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What's New

LED Source Code

All of our Arduino based source code is open source! The belt and array code is all up on GitHub at

Array Builder FAQ

A new FAQ is up on the Array Builders. Describes the Array Builder boards and how not to use them. This info will get you started. As always, email us if you have any questions!

From Our Blog

Make Fashion 2014

Make Fashion was an incredible production this year, bringing together huge advances in technology with a variety of innovative designs from the 18 teams involved. We'd like to thank all of the designers, volunteers and of course Endeavor Arts for making it so successful. Congratulations on a wor...

Festival Season is Over, But!

While the festival season has definitely come to a close, there is still a lot happening in the wearables world and we're really excited about some opportunities that have come up in the recent months. It's a bit too early to reveal any details but we just wanted to touch base and let you know th...

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

We have had a great time at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Thank you everyone who came to visit us today!  If you like the Nebula necklaces, check back soon, we will be announcing as soon as they are available. We expect to have fully assembled ones ready in two weeks! They will have severa...